Tom Vanovac

B Arch M Sc (Arch)(Cons), Founder

Tom has over 40 years of experience in the design of a wide variety of commercial and residential buildings, aged care and healthcare projects, industrial developments, hotels and interiors in Australia, Asia and Europe. Tom holds post-graduate qualifications in architectural conservation.

Austin Tuon

B Arch, Director 
Nominated Architect
REG NSW 8171 VIC 20100

Austin has been involved in the design, documentation and delivery of the practice's larger and award-winning projects. He is experienced in affordable housing, multi-residential, interior and healthcare developments.

Toan Ngo

B Arch M Arch M App Ling, Associate Director

Architect  NSW REG 9605, Access Consultant

Shook Qing Chia

B Arch M Arch, Architectural Assistant

Kirk MacDonnell

B Fine Art, B Des(Arch), M Arch, Associate

Olasimbo Alabi

B Sc Arch MArch, Project Staff

Pablo de Dios

M Arch, Associate

Dalin Ul

Architectural Assistant

Ognjen Rakic

B Arch M Arch, Project Coordinator

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